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Community Project Funding

Fiscal Year 2025 Community Project Funding 

Through the Fiscal Year 2025 appropriations process, each Member of Congress can submit Community Project Funding requests to the House Committee on Appropriations to direct federal funding to their Congressional District and support local projects that benefit their constituents. 

All Community Project Funding requests must adhere to strict guidelines and meet specific requirements from the House Committee on Appropriations. Additionally, each Member of Congress is only permitted to submit a very limited number of Community Project Funding requests. Please know that Congressman Fry carefully considered all requests submitted to our office. 

Below are the Community Project Funding requests Congressman Fry submitted for Fiscal Year 2025. The requests represent projects across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee that would benefit South Carolina’s Seventh Congressional District. These projects enhance public safety, improve hard infrastructure, and strengthen our transportation systems. They would provide solutions to critical community needs, are supported by the local community, and responsibly allocate federal resources.

Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies

Project Name: Cheraw Fire Station Replacement Project in Cheraw, SC 

Project Recipient: Town of Cheraw

Recipient’s Address: 200 Market Street PO Box 219, Cheraw, South Carolina 29520

Amount Requested:  $4,522,500.00 

Purpose of Project: The funding would be used for improvements to the Cheraw Fire Station. This will improve public safety for residents and businesses in the Town of Cheraw, along with the 5-mile radius around the town that the fire department serves. This includes fire service for industrial businesses that employ 3,500 people in manufacturing jobs. Currently, Cheraw’s existing fire station does not meet modern standards and requires fire engines to be custom built because the bays are not large enough to accommodate modern engines. Additionally, the current site does not accommodate live fire and other essential training activities, and lacks proper facilities to accommodate female firefighters. This is a good use of taxpayer funding because this would increase overall public safety and the productivity of Cheraw’s first responders.

Member Signed Certification Letter

Project Name:
 Enhancement of Specialty Crop Research Capabilities in Florence, SC at the Clemson University Pee Dee Research and Education Center 

Project Recipient: Clemson University Pee Dee Research and Education Center

Recipient’s Address: 2200 E Pocket Road, Florence, South Carolina 29506

Amount Requested: $1,700,000.00 

Purpose of Project: This funding would be used to purchase and install cooling units, heating units, environmental controllers, exhaust fans, specialized growth lighting, automated irrigation systems, security cameras, fiber optic internet connectivity, retractable shade cloths, fertilization units and benches.  This is a good use of taxpayer funding because this would contribute to the development of specialty crops that are better adapted to the Southeast and that have improved disease, heat, weed and insect pest tolerance. This project will make faster advances in creating solutions tailored to the needs of the Seventh Congressional District of South Carolina and help improve outcomes for agricultural producers in the region. 

Member Signed Certification Letter


Project Name: Lake View, SC Police Department Upgrades 

Project Recipient: Town of Lake View

Recipient’s Address: PO Box 824, Lake View, South Carolina 29563

Amount Requested:  $200,000.00 

Purpose of Project: This funding would be used to renovate and update the police department building in Lake View, SC. The current building is uninhabitable as the roof has continuously leaked, causing mold and mildew. Renovations are needed to ensure the safety, compliance, and modernized functionality of the building. This is a good use of taxpayer funds because this would provide the members of the Police Department with an efficient and productive space to work and ensure the safety of the residents of Lake View, SC.

Member Signed Certification Letter


Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies

Project Name: Chesterfield County Radio Improvement Project

Project Recipient: Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office

Recipient’s Address: 203 Watson Street, Chesterfield, South Carolina 29709

Amount Requested:  $4,715,300.00   

Purpose of Project: This funding would be used to purchase 911 emergency radio equipment, including dash mount radio units and portable radios. This equipment would replace the county’s current 911 radio equipment, a significant portion of which is now approaching the end of its operational or practical life. Additionally, Chesterfield County is one of the few counties in South Carolina that is not operating on the Palmetto 800 Statewide network radio system due to budget restrictions. This is a good use of taxpayer funding because Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office cannot communicate with other first responders in the county, surrounding counties, and other law enforcement partners on the state and federal levels.  Chesterfield County spans over 800 square miles, and often deputies work by themselves, and back-up help may be miles away.  

Member Signed Certification Letter


Project Name: City of Marion Police Department Equipment Upgrade

Project Recipient: City of Marion

Recipient’s Address: 107 South Main Street, Marion, South Carolina 29571

Amount Requested:  $105,000.00 

Purpose of Project: This funding would be used to purchase a gunshot detection system, which would give enforcement an effective tool in pinpointing gun violence in the City of Marion. The gunshot detection system works up to a one-mile radius determining where gunfire came from, allowing the Marion Police Department to respond to gunshots like a fire department would respond to a local fire.  This is a good use of taxpayer funding because the City of Marion has experienced a rise in gun violence over the past five years. Unfortunately, gang violence has become a problem in the City of Marion with drive-by shootings and retaliation gun violence visited on relatives of gang members.  This affects the quality of life of the City of Marion residents and the ability to raise a family in an already tough economic environment.  

Member Signed Certification Letter


Project Name: Horry County Emergency Communications Enhancements

Project Recipient: Horry County Government 

Recipient’s Address: 1301 Second Avenue, Conway, South Carolina 29526

Amount Requested:  $523,740.00 

Purpose of Project: This funding will be used to facilitate connection of the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems of multiple law enforcement agencies within four South Carolina coastal counties, enhancing emergency communications information sharing and situational awareness among those agencies. The deployment of CAD allows first responders to provide more timely reaction to emergency situations, thereby supporting crisis intervention. This is a valuable use of taxpayer funding because the project would create an intergovernmental agreement between coastal communities, which provides mutual aid for emergency communications, information sharing, and operational planning. This benefits the community, public safety, and law enforcement. These public safety answering points use computer-aided dispatch to track all incidents, law enforcement response, law enforcement locations, response plans, and other information necessary to create a safe and efficient response.

Member Signed Certification Letter


Project Name: Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office Technology and Equipment Upgrade

Project Recipient: Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office

Recipient’s Address: 239 Throop Street, Bennettsville, South Carolina 29512

Amount Requested:  $856,000.00 

Purpose of Project: This funding would be used to purchase technology and equipment in Marlboro County. The funds will be used to purchase an emergency backup generator, police cruisers, ballistic vests, body-worn cameras, and technology upgrades. This is a good use of taxpayer funding because this project will allow for technology upgrades and integrations, which will enhance communication between agencies and strengthen drug enforcement strategies to combat the possession and distribution of fentanyl and all illegal narcotics. 

Member Signed Certification Letter


Project Name: Town of Nichols Public Safety Upgrades

Project Recipient: Town of Nichols

Recipient’s Address: 514 Mullins Street, Nichols, South Carolina 29581

Amount Requested: $343,444.96 

Purpose of Project: This funding would be used to purchase equipment and technology, including police cruisers, anti-stabbing protection vests, and license plate recognition cameras. This would allow for improvements and upgrades to increase public safety in the Town of Nichols. Prior to devastating floods in 2016 and 2018, Nichols was equipped to handle drug interdiction and was able to keep crime rates down. However, the police department was forced to scale back due to budget constraints. This is a good use of taxpayer funding because the police force needs to be enlarged and meet increased demand. This will aid in canvassing neighborhoods, drug interdiction, and preventing crime in Nichols. 

Member Signed Certification Letter


Subcommittee on Homeland Security

Project Name: City of North Myrtle Beach, SC Emergency Operations Center 

Project Recipient: City of North Myrtle Beach

Recipient’s Address: 1018 2nd Avenue South, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29582

Amount Requested:  $3,000,000.00 

Purpose of Project: This funding will allow for the construction of a comprehensive Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in North Myrtle Beach, SC to service severe weather and disaster mitigation, widely attended events, and other various incidents that require EOC activation. The center will be strategically located near the distribution of calls it receives. It will also be built on high ground to mitigate threats from tidal surges and severe wind, and to be more optimally situated during hurricanes and flooding. The project is a valuable use of taxpayer funds because it will help coordinate communications and support to an area that is prone to natural disasters. The EOC will increase public safety during times of hurricanes and tropical storms, isolated severe weather events, and other large-scale events. This facility will serve North Myrtle Beach and the broader Horry County region of South Carolina’s Seventh Congressional District.

Member Signed Certification Letter


Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies

Project Name: City of Florence for Water Treatment Plant Expansion and Upgrades

Project Recipient: City of Florence

Recipient’s Address: 324 West Evans Street, Florence, South Carolina 29501

Amount Requested:  $10,000,000.00 

Purpose of Project: This funding will be used for engineering and construction improvements to the Pee Dee Water Surface Treatment Plant in Florence, SC. This project will expand the capacity of the water treatment plant to accommodate present needs and address future growth. This is a good use of taxpayer funding because this project will improve water production redundancy and resilience to address severe weather events. It will also adequately maintain system pressure to supply water to critical infrastructure to avoid any interruption in service. In the past, severe weather events disrupted and even canceled some of the functions of local hospitals. This project will also maintain system supply during disruptions like those with Hurricanes Florence and Michael due to downed trees and washed-out roadways. 

Member Signed Certification Letter

Project Name:
 City of Myrtle Beach 24th Avenue North Sewer Pump Station Upgrades

Project Recipient: City of Myrtle Beach

Recipient’s Address: 937 Broadway Street, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577

Amount Requested:  $1,500,000.00 

Purpose of Project: This funding would be used to remove the current sewer pump station and allow for construction of a new sewer pump station across North Ocean Boulevard. The upgraded sewer pump station will include three new pumps with a capacity of 2,800 GPM, a wet well with a total storage capacity of 61,796 gallons, and a standby pump. The upgraded storage capacity increases the downtime to 49 minutes before a sewer overflow would occur. The upgraded wet well is also designed with accessibility for cleaning. This is a good use of taxpayer funding because the area’s beaches and oceanfront accommodations attract tourism to the area, and it is critical to have a pump station to accommodate this large scale. This project will address aging infrastructure, increase capacity for existing customers, help existing businesses retain jobs, and increase resiliency. 

Member Signed Certification Letter


Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies

Project Name: Crooked Creek Channel Improvements 

Project Recipient: South Carolina Office of Resilience

Recipient’s Address: 632 Rosewood Drive, Columbia, South Carolina 29201

Amount Requested:  $2,511,438.00 

Purpose of Project: This funding will be used to remove 2-3 feet of silt and sediment that has filled in the bottom of Crooked Creek in Marlboro County and re-establish the original bottom of the creek. This project will also remove debris and overgrowth along the banks (approximately 13 acres) that restrict the flow of the creek. Both activities will allow the creek to flow the maximum amount possible, which should have a positive impact on the flash flooding storm events. Without the drainage improvements, the lack of recreational amenities, residential development, infrastructure improvements, and conservation efforts will hinder the Town of Bennettsville’s overall well-being and economic growth. This is a good use of taxpayer funding as the project will significantly impact Bennettsville’s economic landscape. This will benefit infrastructure resilience, increase property values and residential development, allow for tourism to flourish, and protect small businesses that are susceptible to flooding during heavy rain events. 

Member Signed Certification Letter 

Project Name:
 FLO Runway Rehabilitation 

Project Recipient: Pee Dee Regional Airport District

Recipient’s Address: 2100 Terminal Drive, Florence, South Carolina 29506

Amount Requested:  $7,379,994.00 

Purpose of Project: This funding would be used for runway reconstruction at the Florence Regional Airport (FLO). The proposed project is to rehabilitate Runway 09/27, parallel Taxiway A, and connector Taxiways A1, A2, A3, and A4. All pavements for these facilities are more than 20 years old. Results from the 2023 Statewide Airfield Pavement Management System Update, completed by the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission, indicate that the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for each of these pavements is either poor or fair. This is an appropriate use of taxpayer funding because Florence County and the Florence area have a great potential for commercial, industrial, and recreational growth. Recent increased airport usage indicates that the airport facilities at FLO need to be maintained, grow, and expand to meet the needs of the aviation users of the facility. The proposed improvements for FLO will help to meet both the present and projected future aviation needs of both the public and private sectors of this area. This project will provide a means to meet airport development demands in a well-planned and cost-effective manner. The availability of safer and improved airfield facilities will enhance service to existing users and will serve as a drawing card to new users and new industrial and private capital investment in the Florence County area. 

Member Signed Certification Letter


Project Name: Inland Port Dillon Technology Hardware and Related Yard Management Devices

Project Recipient: South Carolina Ports Authority

Recipient’s Address: 200 Ports Authority Drive, Charleston, South Carolina, 29464

Amount Requested:  $1,753,065.00 

Purpose of Project: This funding would be used to provide infrastructure upgrades to Inland Port Dillon. The project consists of replacing the gate operating system, upgrading equipment, and replacement of the wireless network infrastructure system. This is a good use of taxpayer funding because Inland Port Dillon is a critical supply chain asset that supports South Carolina’s exporters’ access to global markets. Overall, this project will improve technology, security and efficiency for gate transactions as well as overall customer service for Inland Port Dillon users. Technology improvements are an important component for accommodating current and future cargo volume growth at Inland Port Dillon, which supports South Carolina exporters, as well as major importers. 

Member Signed Certification Letter


Project Name: MYR Runway Reconstruction

Project Recipient: Myrtle Beach International Airport

Recipient’s Address: 1100 Jetport Road, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577

Amount Requested:  $20,000,000.00 

Purpose of Project: This funding will be used for the construction of a temporary runway, which would allow Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) to remain open to serve airline partners, the flight school, military, charter, and general aviation traffic. With the recent increases in aircraft size, the runway is showing significant signs of deterioration and degradation and must be repaired. Construction of a temporary runway would be built to maintain runway-to-runway separation standards and could be utilized for a future full-time parallel runway, helping to address overall capacity needs. This is a good use of taxpayer funding because when the existing runway requires maintenance, the airport is forced to close the single runway to conduct repair items. Having a newly reconstructed runway will eliminate that need for the foreseeable future. As the nation’s second-busiest single-runway facility, closing the runway to perform maintenance and safety upgrades causes a major constriction and impact to the local market and airline partners.

Member Signed Certification Letter