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Congressman Russell Fry (SC-07) Introduces the No More Political Prosecutions Act

Congressman Russell Fry (SC-07) Introduces the No More Political Prosecutions Act

Washington, D.C. — Congressman Russell Fry (SC-07) has introduced the No More Political Prosecutions Act, legislation that would give Presidents and Vice Presidents, both former and current, the option to move their own civil or criminal cases from a state court to a federal court. 

Presidents and Vice Presidents are among the most visible politicians in the United States government — making them a target for rogue prosecutors looking to build up their profile and make a name for themselves on the political stage. 

Because of that threat, it’s important for Presidents and Vice Presidents to have the option to move their case to a federal court — where judges are confirmed by the U.S. Senate, serve in their role for life, and don’t need to win an election to keep their position. 

I’m proud to introduce the No More Political Prosecutions Act. Politically motivated prosecutors should not be able to wield unwarranted power and target our nation’s top leaders for their own personal gain,” said Congressman Fry. “This legislation will prevent the political prosecutions of Presidents and Vice Presidents and thwart corrupt prosecutors’ agendas.”

The No More Political Prosecutions Act tweaks existing statute to authorize Presidents and Vice Presidents, who hold the highest positions in our nation, to move their case from the state level to a federal court.

Congressman Fry serves on both the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight Committee and is also the Republican freshman class president. To stay up to date with Congressman Fry and his work for South Carolina’s Seventh District, follow his official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and visit his website at