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Congressman Russell Fry's (R-SC) No More Political Prosecutions Act Passes the House Judiciary Committee

Congressman Russell Fry’s (R-SC) No More Political Prosecutions Act Passes the House Judiciary Committee 


Washington, D.C. — Congressman Russell Fry’s (R-SC) No More Political Prosecution Act passed out of the House Judiciary Committee yesterday. 


This legislation would give presidents and vice presidents, both former and current, the option to move their own civil or criminal cases from a state court to a federal court. 


“In the past year, our country has witnessed unprecedented moves by state prosecutors to bring politically motivated charges against a former President of the United States,” said Congressman Russell Fry. “The No More Political Prosecutions Act would thwart these rogue district attorneys from wielding unwarranted power and targeting our nation's top leaders for their own political gain. Today, we are one step closer to restoring sanity to our nation's rule of law and preventing these political prosecutions that are nothing more than dog and pony shows for partisan district attorneys who are looking to make a name for themselves.”


The passage of Congressman Fry's No More Political Prosecutions Act is a critical step to ensure that political agendas aren't pursued by a weaponized justice system,” said Chairman Jim Jordan. 


Opposing the weaponization of our Department of Justice and making sure no one can use the rule of law for political revenge should be a bipartisan issue,” said Renee Hudson, Chief Government Affairs Officer, America First Policy Institute. “Congressman Fry thankfully recognizes this and is courageously taking a stand for its countless victims. This is a great first step to solving this problem.” 


The full text of the bill can be found here


Congressman Fry serves on both the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight Committee and is also the Republican freshman class president. To stay up to date with Congressman Fry and his work for the Seventh District, follow his official FacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages and visit his website at